25 July 2006

Irrational Blubbering, part 2

As fast as the sentimental moments come they can go.
Mr. Man just threw the King of all tantrums. I could picture me as Homer Simpson grabbing him by the neck with both hands,"WHY YOU LITTLE...."

In reality, I stood and let him go for awhile thinking he would soon stop. After about 5 minutes I decided a nice warm bath would calm him down. Needless to say I got more water than he did. Another 5 minutes passed with no sign of him letting up. Trying to put his pajamas on was like the WWF Battle Royal. We wrestled to a draw.

After what felt like an hour of him screaming at the top of his little lungs, throwing things, kicking and swinging at me I had had enough. BEDTIME!

He cried for another 10 minutes or so. Honestly it was heart breaking to hear him in such distress, and even worse not knowing what caused it to begin with. He eventually stopped and called for Daddy to come tuck him in, and I did. Then a call for Mommy to read him a book, which she did.
Angels and Demons. It is a fine line.

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