11 July 2006

Here we go.......

This is my first post as a blogger. I have been reading several of them for the last month or so. I have found some very well written blogs that I am enjoying. So I thought I would share our lives with the rest of you. I hope you enjoy it.

We have recently relocated to the North West United States from Southern Cal.
I am finding the transition much more difficult than I had imagined. After all my wife and I grew up in small towns. After so many years in very large cities we both thought it would be a good thing to go back to a small town to raise our son. We found a great little town along the coast with what seemed to be a thriving art community with tourists from all over the world. A town of 1600 with 28 Art galleries and about 500,000 tourists a year. It should have been a perfect match.

It has only been a few months but already I am thinking that I have drug my family to the bizzaro pleasantville. Everyone is very nice and friendly which is a great change from So Cal. But they are also mind numbingly slow. No one is ever on time, if they show up at all. And none of them care.

As for the thriving business...... We were first told that the "Season" starts in May.
We opened our Gallery May 1st. Then we were told that the "Season" doesn't really start until June after schools are done. Then it was After July 4th the "Season" really takes off and the town will be over run for the next 6 months.
It is now July 11th and there is still plenty of parking for everyone. Do you really have a "Season" around here or does fifty extra people in town constitute "Over Run". So far all of the research we did on the town and area has been way off base. The only thing they were right about was that housing costs have gone crazy high.

We have been in the art world for almost 20 years each now, we know that it is very hit and miss. This is the first time we have been in an area that was less that a million in population. It is a very different world. I have never heard so many stupid questions in my life. And Just so you all know, Thomas Kinkade IS the anti-Christ!

You're right! It has only been a few months and I am just panicking a little. Having a child makes me do that. When life was just the two of us we could play fast and loose. Now I like to have things a little more under control. Fat chance of that, right?

Take a deep breath, count to a zillion, put on a smile and kindly answer for the 100th time today, "Is this a jickly?"

God help me! What have I done....................................

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