19 July 2006

Why "Mad William Vane"?

To make a short story long, I have been searching blogs for many months now, trying to find the allure I keep hearing about. As of this very moment there are roughly 10 million blogs on line, give or take. I have now looked at and tried reading roughly, a boat load of them. Most I have found to be quite stupid and rather profane for nothing more than just being a trash mouth. Grow up people. Every eight year old can use profanity. Yes I do myself curse from time to time. And after the birth of my son, Mr Man, for some unknown reason I cursed more my share, but that is another story.

I found by accident one day "Petite Anglaise".
while I was actually looking for property in France. I thought to myself, Self, Now this is a good blog,(and I am pleased to say that I found her before she became the blogging legend she is now, Wow!) I became very interested in the life of Petite and her daughter Tadpole, who have no idea I even exist.(Friends without the commitment) Just what I was looking for to begin with. But I digress. After reading the complete archives of Petite and catching up to her current entries I decided I should try some of the blogs she likes. As I found others I enjoyed and read what they enjoyed I have created my list of favorites. Blah Blah Blah. Anywho... I found "Harboring Delusions of Adequacy". One her site, in her things about her, is a link to "What's your Pirate name?". A short question and answer form that made me laugh out loud. When it spit out "Mad William Vane" I was in tears. I have no idea what the "Vane" part is about but I didn't realy care because I get told I am "Mad" more that most would think.

So, there you have it.

I blame(or credit) Petite for all of this.(the blogging thing) Someday I would like to meet her and Tadpole. Introduce myself, Mr. Man and Precious(my wife). Petite, if you are out there, We would love to take you and Tadpole to lunch next time we are in Paris, either this November or February, just to say thanks. (Or not, it's that whole commitment thing again.)

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