21 July 2006


My old friend "Insomnia" has come to visit. For the last 9 days now I have slept no more than 4 hours per night. Fortunately I do most of my painting at night after the family has gone to bed. This painting is an insomnia induced creation. She is part of a series I call the "Madettes". It has nothing to do with anything I just wanted to post it.

I am freaking out about our gallery. Business is seriously slow in town. Everyone is feeling it but that is of little consolation.

In the last 20 years I have been in 5 states with 7 different galleries. All of them in major cites with thriving economies, and business was good even when things were slow.

This time it is very different. This time Precious and I own the gallery. We do have partners who help us out quite a bit, and they keep telling us they are behind us 100%, which helps. However, this time we are not in a big city. This is a very small place that lives and dies by its tourists. When things are slow, they're bad.
I guess I have put a lot more pressure on myself with this gallery because of Mr. Man. There is a human being that looks to me for his very survival. I can't let him down. I have to make sure that he is taken care of no matter what.

The thoughts of where we go next have already started to enter my mind. Moving again in the next year. Starting over, again.

I don't mind the starting over part. The art world is small and there is always some place else to go. Because of my son I have begun to question why I can't seem to stay anywhere. I can always justify my moves with adventure, love, travel, learning experience. But is that legit or am I just trying to rationalize my wanderlust?

Clearly I need some sleep!

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