17 July 2006

A Poke in the Eye...

What is it about Art Galleries that make people think they can come in and ask one stupid question after another?
Do these people ask insulting moronic questions everywhere they go? Have they been living under a bridge like trolls?
Maybe I take art a little too personally. But I swear, the next person to come into my gallery and ask, "Is this a Jickly?", I am going to poke them in the eye and kick in the back side as I push them out the door!

First of all. If you have to ask whether everything you look at is a "Giclee" at least pronounce it right. It is (ZHEE-CLAY).
Second, if you have to ask, at least know what a Giclee is to begin with. If you do not know what it is and whether or not it is important, the answer is not going to matter because you STILL do not know what a Giclee is.

Is this the only term people know about art? Where did you all hear this term and why has no one explained it to you yet?

Let me help.
A Giclee is one type out of many, many, many types of digital print. Sometimes referred to as an "Iris" or "Ink-jet" print.
The term Giclee has become generic. When they are printed correctly they are fantastic works. When done incorrectly they are crap. This is true with every type of print. Lithograph, serigraph, etching, linocut, wood block, etc, etc, etc! They must be done correctly.
The terms themselves are meaningless if you do not know anything about them to begin with.

I know you are asking because you assume that any "print" is not worthy. You think this because you know nothing about art other than the word Giclee, which you equate with print which you equate with poster, mass produced, not worth anything.

You are WRONG!!!!

Printed works of art have been around forever, and I mean for as long as human beings have been creating works of art they have been making printed works in one way or another. (this next part is important so pay attention)

When created in "top quality" and in "limited editions" (quantity varies) they are VERY COLLECTIBLE and VERY VALUABLE!

Maybe you should read that again. Prints have value!

Alright, I feel better already. There are many other terms I have mentioned that I will no doubt have to explain to you, but not today. There are also many more Do's and Don'ts when it comes to art and art galleries which I will also explain, but not today.

Please people, for all concerned. You could be the one to get your eye poked and a kick in the butt, so think before you speak! Especially if you are along the Oregon coast visiting galleries.

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