13 August 2006

Woe is me...

I am feeling sorry for myself today. The art business has been non-existent. I am not used to having so little to do. I have sent cards, photos and emails to everyone I have ever talked to in the gallery. I have called them all as well just to say hello and hope that one of them just wanted to chat for awhile. I have re-hung all of the art twice this week.

The part that I hate most about being so slow is that it is taking away time that I could spend painting or shooting photos. The only perk so far is that I have time to do this. I can blog at work without fear of The Man sacking me, for here I am The Man. So I can do what I want. (insert light bulb above my head) Maybe I should bring part of my studio to the gallery!?!

I could paint on location. What a brilliant idea. Except I can already see the problem with this. I would not like people interrupting me while I tried to paint, and asking stupid questions like,"Did you do that?" Hello, I am at the easel with brush in hand.... I need my personal space. At least three feet is preferred, with a few exceptions, and then closer is better. Sorry, different post.

The rest of my woes come from the fact that I seem to have fallen into a time warp. The entire Oregon coast is stuck in the late 70's early 80's. It's freakin me out man!

The only radio station we get plays nothing recorded after 1984. Ahi(tuna) is considered an exotic fish. They did just open a sushi bar, without an actual sushi bar in it. And they only have three kind of fish. Is it just me, or does this seem wrong?

The big hot spot here for night life is decorated in brown plaid, glass and mirror light fixtures, and it smells of cigarette smoke and desperation. It reminded me more of a Denny's than a lounge.

Pity party anyone? Alright I'm done.


femme d'espoir said...

Thank you, Mad William, for visiting my site and commenting today. I knew I had a reader out in your part of the world, but didn't know who it was!

It seems that a bit of the blues (or pity party) has hit you as well. I'm sorry for that, and hope that things will brighten up soon...for both of us.

Thank you again for the comment. It made a difference in my day.

Escapee said...

I enjoy the Oregon Coast. I also enjoy the 80s. To me it reminds me of a time when things were good. Less things to worry about. Have you ever visited Cannon Beach, Oregon? Go there. Stay at the Hallmark resort. Stay on the 3rd floor with a view of the ocean. Enjoy the sunsets. Enjoy the sliding glass door open so the sound of the ocean can ease you to sleep. There you will see Haystack rock. It is one of my best memories. The barefoot walk is a nice one. The breeze can be strong...but on a warm day it is still all taken in. Breathe deeply. In front of Haystack rock, on a large dry log, my husband proposed to me....Go there. I have written enough. See for yourself...Take a loved one...and let me know your experience there.