30 August 2006

More of "WTF" are we thinking?

August 31 Update to this post:
The part about killing those who kill, I take that back. It was the heat of the moment. I am not in favor of killing in any fashion, even for punishment. Death lets them off too easy. The should have to suffer and live with it.

I stand by everything else.


Today was going to be the things "Not To Do" when looking at and or buying art. However, there are just some days when the world just drives me MAD something fierce.

My problem today is with democracy.
When everyone gets a say, nothing gets done. Why? Because you can not please everyone.
It is not possible.
There are too many bleeding hearts, as well as too many fanatics, and the people in between just sit with their heads up their butts and do nothing.

Ok, you're asking, "MW, what brought this on?"

I'm glad you asked.

I was reading a story(msnbc.com) about the rise in violent crime across the country (not to mention the world)and what can be done about it.

Everyone has some sort of wussy plan to put more police on the streets and for communities to get involved. Blah, blah, blah,

All of this is coming from a bunch of people who have never had first hand knowledge of the US justice system.
I am here to tell you all that our system is SERIOUSLY flawed.

This is how you slow the spread of crime.
Partial list.

1) Stop listening to anyone who says convicted criminals have rights. They don't! From the second they are convicted they give up all rights that are afforded to civilized society.

2) Make punishment an actual punishment as well as a deterrent to crime, not the play group for malcontents that jails and prisons are today.

I hate to break it to you, but criminals get three square meals a day, cable TV, movies, libraries, medical, dental and vision check ups as well as free prescription drugs, work out rooms, recreation time, regular visiting hours, phone privileges, jobs that pay, weekend passes out of confinement and early release for 'good behaviour'.
Does that sound like punishment? Not to me! Keep in mind that 80% or more of people incarcerated are coming from no education, no jobs, drug use, living on the streets or in slums. Prison is a better life than they had before. What are they going to learn? Crime pays!

You make prisoners spend 12 hours a day, 6 days a week, turning big rocks into little rocks with a hammer, no TV, no special privileges, hard physical manual labour.
Trust me, that will be a deterrent to crime. Criminals are lazy. They would rather try to fit into society than have to work their asses off.

3) You want crime rates to go down, put much more money into public education and make it mandatory to the age of 21. No dropping out, no quiting, no flunking out. You do the work, you learn things, you contribute to society. No ifs ands or buts about it.

4) Punishment needs to be "Eye for an eye". There is no such thing as cruel and unusual punishment. The more cruel and more unusual, the better it will work!
You take a life, you lose yours.
You rape or molest(this is almost always men) you lose your balls.
Every time you steal, you lose a finger.
You drink and drive, you never drive again.

No warnings, no second chances, no three strikes, no early release.

We are too F***ing soft and the criminals know it!

5) Hold parents responsible for the actions of their children. Too many kids have no adult supervision and run amok which leads to drop outs, criminal activities, drug use, and God knows what else. Start holding parents accountable and that will change.

I have said it before and I will continue to say it, ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!

We have tried it their way, and it doesn't work. It is time to try something new.


Escapee said...

I agree with what you are saying. We are too soft on convicted criminals. But, I would really hate for an innocent person be punished for a crime he didn't commit. There are sharks in high places, who I am sure have twisted justice's arm. This comes from somewhere. I have a cousin who was sent to prison for the murder of his wife. He did not do it. There was proof. He was in a completely different state when it happened. He had alibies (sp?). But the judge sent him to prison because the person who did it...threatened the judge. Now, I have no idea if this person was a high up mob man or what, but, they sent my cousin to jail. So he would be considered a "convicted felon." He would not deserve the punishment of eye for an eye, in your example. I don't know the solution to the problem. I only know, that I would never want to make that call. I could never live with myself knowing, I was the one who punished a man for wrong doings and later find out it wasn't him. So hopefully, that is where God will come in or Karma or whatever you believe in, takes over. I have another story for you. Back in the 80s a woman was testifying against a man who had raped her. The court had turned it around on her. Calling her a bad mother. At the age of 6, I witnessed my mother being raped. I remember everything exactly, to this day. My mother was a single mother, sleeping with only a tee shirt on that night. That was enough for anyone to start calling her an incompetant mother. So she did not testify against him. She just prayed. Not too long after that, the guy was running from the police for someother crime. He was shot in the back of the head. Killed instantly. Karma, God, whatever you call it, did a much better job than any justice system or punishment that he could have been sentenced to. There ARE flaws in the system. But the cure for that would have flaws just as much. It is ineveitable. Anything that has a human touch to it, will have flaws. So could you live with yourself knowing an innocent man was punished or that inmates have it easy? Pick your poison.

Mad William said...

The sharks are part of the flaws. Judges and polititians need to be rotated in and out more often. Judges should be groups of annonymous people to avoid contact with those who would threaten or bribe. Juries should also have to be annonymous. The press should not be involved at all untill everyhting is decided.
I know first hand of the flaws and it sucks that people are punished for things they had nothing to do with.
With DNA and all of our technology these things can be avoided if we get the system set up to work the way it was supposed to in the first place.
Karma and God take too long

Escapee said...

I like your idea. It would work out if the court was annonymous. Now, how could we get that started?