17 August 2006

Children and strangers...

You can always count on children and complete strangers to show you that, no matter how bad you may think things are, they really aren't.

So, Escapee, this is for you. I already am where you suggested I go. It's where my gallery is. It is very easy to forget about the beauty that is all around us.

I drove down this morning to shoot this photo and thought of what you said. I stood there and took it all in and left with a much better attitude.

My wife and I take our son to this spot at least once a week. It is a magical place.

Thank you for the reminder. I hope you(or someone) is around the next time I need another one.


Escapee said...

I am speechless. I am overcome with joy! I am amazed! I don't even know what to write. Thank you. Thank you for the view. I hope you enjoyed the moment. There are many parts of Oregon I enjoy...Again, thank you. You are a good friend.

Mad William said...

It was my pleasure, Thank you