10 August 2006

And where did you study art?

Or Where did you study anything for that matter?

I have had the pleasure of knowing many very talented artists. I have studied art from the time I was in high school.(26 years of study so far) To be any kind of artist takes a life time of hard work, dedication and sacrifice.

So why is it that everyday some yahoo walks into my gallery and proceeds to tell me that their kid could do this, or that the artist should have used more of something or less of something or how dare we ask that much for this work?

Do they tell Emeril how to cook, or F.L. Wright that his buildings are childish? Do they go to concerts tell B.B. King how to play the blues?
Do they tell banks that their kids can add and count. Do they tell a pilot how to fly a plane? Do they tell Barry Bonds how to hide drug use or Nascar how to be redneck?

NO! They do not do any of these things. Why do they think they can come into galleries and make fun, and be-little my life? That is what they are doing. They are mocking me.
And the worst part is, they are too stupid too know it. They seem to think it's funny to mock things they don't understand and they expect me to giggle along with them.

The next time you look at a work of art and think to yourself,"Duh...I kood do dat...", go try it wise ass. Then get back to me.

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Escapee said...

Nascar to be redneck, eh? I needed a laugh. Thank you. And unfortunately, those clowns who tell you their kid could do that..can't appreciate real art. Same goes for people who go to "John Doe's Restaurant" and think it is authentic.