23 August 2006

To beta, or not to beta...

I have been reading about blogger going beta. I did switch my site over so to my three readers, I am sorry for any temporary problems with viewing and or comments.

They say it will be easier to make changes to the layout, but I would have to save my template and upgrade. Which means I would loose any changes that I had mad to the original template that I started with.

It took me a month and a half to figure out the html and now they want me to loose what I've done. Ok, I know, it should be easy to put it back with the new upgrades but I am sentimental, or just mental, the jury is still out.But I am liking the way the site is looking for the most part and I don't want it looking generic again until I figure out the new stuff.

Sure they say I won't loose any of the content. Apple told me that about my photos too and you know how well that worked out. A Couple thousand shots of my life lost in cyber space. Excuse me if I say,"Sha right!"

I am a sucker for new stuff, so I am sure I will make the switch one of these days. But until then I will have to wonder and wait to hear how the rest of you blogspoters are getting along.


femme said...

I've been wanting to change the look of things as well. Even though I have a little html experience, I'm still a bit intimidated by the process.

Escapee said...

So...you can delete this message after you read it. I just wanted to let you know I have 2 new posts and I would love for you to read them. I kinda got on a roll. Roll's over. Unfortunatly, I reread them, and it seems that I only have one writting style. The repetitive kind. Repetitive kind. :) So hopefully, I will be able to become more well-rounded. I am not exactly sure how...but hopefully with practice...Anyway, hopw you enjoy.

sibyl said...

i know NOTHING about html and would love to switch over to the new system for some easy help. (hate the look of my page and only make it worse when i play with it)

however, i can't switch over yet. :(
they hate me.