03 August 2006

Be Gone!

I came home to find you exactly where I left you. I knew you would still be there.
I was hating myself for loving you. When I thought of sending you away, years of memories filled my mind. Some good times as well as bad. But mostly of time, years of my life I gave to you. Years of my life I wasted. It is why I left you to begin with.

Now that I have had time to think about you again, to be with you again. It is not a love I feel for you. You are a bad habit. An addiction I could never admit I had. Like many before me I was too cool to admit that you were in control and not me.

Even after I left you once, I saved pieces of you as reminders. Souvenirs of a past I thought fondly of. I do not see those days so fondly anymore. I see you for what you are.

I gathered up your things and threw them away. All of the little reminders are in the bin. This is MY LIFE, and you can not have it anymore. No more wasted days and nights thinking you made me better. I am a much better person without you. Now I know I always was. Now I know you for what you are. I know me for who I can be.

I couldn't ask you to be done with me. It wasn't up to you. I had to be done with you because it was always up to me.

Be gone, and know that the next time we meet I will not stop to reminisce. I am taking back what's mine. My self respect.

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