26 August 2006

Bound, but not gagged

I am feeling trapped! I have been without internet service at my home for the last 4 days. The Fathead in India who I always end up talking with when I call to bitch, keeps telling me nothing is wrong. If nothing is wrong, why the hell doesn't it work!

I did finally figure it out, on my own mind you. So now I"m having to plug my laptop into the cable which is driving me Mad(er). I enjoy being wireless. I demand freedom while blogging or doing homework or just goofing off.

The problem is my airport base station. I can not believe how much trouble I am having with my Apple products this year. This will be the third time I have had to replace my base station. I wont mention my photo problems again (other than that). An in the last 11 months I have gone through 2 ac adaptors. The first one melted.

Last night I was told to buy a new laptop. That would fix my issues. Sure, what's 2 grand to drop on another computer when this one is only 3 years old. It is a dinosaur after all. I hate I&T people. She actually said,"Your computer is old and out of date, maybe you should buy a new one to avoid any further problems."


Just in case I had not mentioned it, I have a way cool wife. Precious is a blast. She spent the day with Mr. Man and the Dog at the beach while I covered the gallery. She stopped in and brought me lunch and told me how much she liked my new paintings. Which just came back from the framers this morning.
She is damn sexy too. Which is nice. Sorry I just like to brag about it.

This is one of the many paintings I have done of her.


Just so you all know. Pay attention here. Rubber clogs are not to be worn outside of the garden. I see people everyday wearing these with all types of clothing from shorts and skirts to slacks and yes I have even seen one guy who decided they would look good with his suit.


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Escapee said...

I love the painting of your wife. She looks so friendly and content. Good expression in the eyes.