21 August 2006

Lost Photo update...

For the three readers I have, you may remember my post "Technology Breakdown". iPhoto on my iBook went kafooy and miss placed my entire photo library, again.

The first time it took me almost 4 months to go through all of my hard drive to find the missing photos. This time it only took about a month.

This time I know much more about this stupid box than I did the first time and I have learned a few things along the way. Such as, not all of my photos are still on my drive. I even took it in to a "Pro" who searched it as well. $45 to tell me what I knew already. I have lost approximately 2700 photos between the two malfucktions.

For some reason not all of the photos I was importing from my camera to iphoto were being saved on my hard drive. And of course, nobody can figure out why. I keep hearing, "that is not supposed to happen". No shit? Once again, I knew that already!

I have been pacing back and forth in my studio for the last hour pulling my hair and cursing under my breath(I don't want to wake Mr. Man or Precious, who are upstairs sleeping).

And yes, I was backing up my system. Problem is that I was backing up the same thing I was seeing and did not know that not all of the photos were being saved until I lost the iphoto library.

So, from now on I go back to saving all photos onto a disk and having all of them printed, as well as saved, and double checking every thing I download.

I so hate loosing things. Especially photos!

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femme d'espoir said...

I am so so very sorry. Precious moments lost. that's just wrong!

deep sigh for you. and a hug.