01 May 2007

The Terrible Two's...Ya Right

Who ever said the two's were terrible, never lived with a three year old.

Mr. Man recently turned three. All of the sudden he has been taken over by an unrecognizable little monster. It's like he transformed over night.

My Mother and sister had told us that we were really lucky. Mr.Man was not like most kids. He was good. I always shrugged it off. My Mother has run a day care for years. My sister teaches pre-school, kindergarten and first grade.

I am beginning to think they were not just telling me tales to make me feel better. In the last month Mr.Man has started spitting, kicking, talking back, throwing fits, screaming, you name it, he tries it. His attitude has done a 180 and not in a good way. This is not the same child we have been raising for the last three years. Our Mr. Man was a good child. I don't who this kid is.

We can be having the best time, and then, out of no where, Devil Boy!

As a parent I am on the strict side. I don't let him get away with any of this. He gets no warning before punishment. So far punishment seems to have no impact on him.

How can a three year old turn a (somewhat) rational adult into a complete simpleton? He knows exactly what buttons to push to send me over the edge, and he seems to enjoy it.

How can it be easier to have a child than to buy a dog? This world is seriously fugged up!


Heather Anne said...

Oooh. That's tough. Maybe you could send him to obedience school? That's what we did with our dog.

Stacey said...

Oh man, didn't anyone warn you about age 3? Two year olds are a breeze compared to three, I've never understood "terrible twos." "Terrible threes" sounds just as good.

I think it's a conspiracy propagated by the grandparents on unsuspecting parents who get mostly through twos thinking "this was sooooo easy! Let's have another one!" By the time the kid hits three it's too late for take-backs, the bun is already in the oven.


Mad William said...

Great idea. I am looking into that.

Definitely a conspiracy! It's just not rigt. He was an angel until a month ago. "Terrible" doesn't do it justice.

Garden Gnome said...

If it is of any consolation, we were told that if terrible twos and threes were terrible, the teenage years would be smooth. Somehow our twos and threes years weren't too bad. At least ours had very few temper tantrums because it only took once for us to remove them from the area where they would get the attention. The teen years weren't too bad either because by then we had established very firm guidelines. I will tell you though that child #1 did and still is very capable of pushing just the right button. Child #4 was very mischievious during the teen years. Some of the stories I could tell! Now they are grown and our first grandbaby has arrived. Smile, that stage will wear off into another stage, just ask your mom.

Oh and as to buns in the oven, my first two are a year and 2 days apart then two years apart for the last two. I couldn't do it now but back then I had a lot more energy :)

Denise said...

I hate to tell you, but 4 is even worse!

EC said...

I can't even explain how much I agree with you. My son was EXACTLY the same way - a wonderful 2 year old but when he hit 3 years old he turned into an aggressive, whiny, brat for lack of a better term. Terrible 3's are WAY harder and I'm like you, punishment has no impact. I'm hoping it is just a phase!!!

eclectic said...

For what it's worth, four is heaven. Seriously. At least with each of our three kids. You look at them when they turn 4-ish, and recognize the child you used to know, and the recognition makes you almost cry for how much you missed them during the year they were three. Honest. 3 is hell, but it's only one year. You can do this.