07 May 2007

Spring Unveiling...Part Three

What an unbelievably long weekend. Frank Gonzales spent a couple of days painting three works for us. People love to come in, watch and ask questions. Frank was great with all of it.
He made his paintings seem way too easy. Take it from me, they're not. That is where the talent and skill come in. Frank has plenty of both. It was great to have him in the gallery.

Everyone else had a great time also. Plenty of laughs, food and drink. Too much drink.

Business was slower than we had hoped. It could have been my attitude. I don't like doing these kind of events. Maybe it could have been better with a different mind set.

Saturday night we had a couple other gallery owners, artists and friends over to our house after hours. I love to hang around artists. They are seldom dull and they see things quite different than most. Everything is a potential art project or idea for a project.

Sunday morning Precious was up early baking. We had a brunch reception at the gallery. She did a fantastic job. I ate way too many cream puffs.

Our partners are still involved just enough to be a real pain. I wont elaborate.

This coming week we have to finalize what we're going to do with the gallery. Either we sign on for a year and half on the gallery and two years on our house or we pack up the house, move for the next five months and close the gallery in September. It has gotten kind of nuts with the two leases. They don't end at the same time which is causing a problem. We are still torn. Do we stay here or move to San Francisco. Maybe go somewhere else. Work for ourselves, or work for someone else. Quality or quantity. This or that. Then or now. Click or clack. I thought we had this all figured out a month ago. Landlords can be fickle. Why do most things alway come down to money? I hate that.


Heather Anne said...

Oh, silly. There's no such things as too many cream puffs.

PrincessAhAh said...

For heaven's sake find someplace cheaper to live than San Fran! I know it's great art scene but seriously... Boston rocks, art-wise, but probably only marginally cheaper. Here on the West Coast of FL the art world is growing fast (Sarasota area). How about Santa Fe? I know if you follow your heart you'll do the right thing for you all...

eclectic said...

Heather is right, of course, particularly when the puffs at issue are homemade! And my vote is quality over quantity, every time. Because I believe that the universe ultimately rewards truth.