15 May 2007

Barry Bonds...You're Not Worthy

Barry only has about 11 more home runs to go to break the all time Home Run record.

Personally I hate to think that he will be the one do it. Not because I don't want the record to be broken. All records will fall someday. Not because he took illegal drugs for years. Steroids didn't make it easier to hit a base ball.

I don't want Barry to break the record because, Barry is a pig of a human being!

Sadly he is a shoe in for the Hall of Fame. Pete Rose wagered a few dollars and it cost him his career and barred him from his rightful place in the Hall. Is what Pete did that much worse than taking illegal drugs? Hell no!

But this isn't about Pete. It's about Barry.

I call upon all major league teams, opposing pitchers, coaches, managers, owners. I beg of you!


It's that simple. This man should not be allowed to break one of the greatest records in all of sports. Every time Barry comes to the plate, he should be intentionally walked. Never give him a pitch he can get the bat on. EVER!

I seriously doubt it would ever change the outcome of a game if Barry were to be walked.

Barry is the worst example of a professional athlete. A liar. A cheater. A lousy role model for kids who look up to athletes. He's rude, self centered, egotistical...and totally unworthy of the Home Run record.

For everyone who ever played. For the love of the game. For the integrity of the game.

WALK Barry!


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Preach it my bruthah, preach it.