28 May 2007

Studio Sessions...

Three for one. This is all I have managed to paint for the last week. Each one is 8 x 24 inches. I started two others but they are going no where. Last night I gessoed over 7 paintings. I had been looking at them for weeks and finally decided they were not up to snuff. (gesso is a white primer used to prime a canvas before painting)

The gallery has been sucking the life out of me lately. Huge crowds of people and not a one of them interested in art. I like to refer to it as a cattle call. Mooooo!


For the last couple of days David and Donny have been over working in my studio. It has some great natural light. The view isn't bad either. You can't see it here but it is.

David is working on a commission seen here. Donny is conceptualizing a large mural project for a coffee shop in Portland. He has been working on it for almost a year now.


This is the first time in years I have had other artists to work with and share ideas. It helps so much to bounce ideas off one another.


Mr. Man caught me saying "Butt head" this week. Now he is running around, "Hey Butt head"
Aren't kids a hoot?


eclectic said...

You're so busted, Butt Head!! ;) Yeah, kids are a hoot!

Heather Anne said...

Why do people who are not interested in art come into galleries? Weird.

Kelly said...

I think some people just want to feel "cultured" and "hep" and that's why they visit art galleries. I think those people should be allowed in only if they have buttloads of money with them, or a gold card, and intend to use it.

sigh. Wait 'til Mr. Man is a teenager. You'll look back fondly on the "butt head" days. I sure am using a lot of quotes today. That doesn't offend you, does it, MW?