04 May 2007

Spring Unveiling...Part One

This week is a busy time for us.

It is the 7th annual "Spring Unveiling" Art Festival. 15 galleries here in Cannon Beach will all be having events over the weekend, starting today.

We are having Frank Gonzales in the gallery. We fly he and his wife in for 4 days. They are staying with us. We have been trying to get ready for the last several days. Buying wine, food. Sending invites and visuals of art. Hanging and re-hanging the gallery to get everything just right.

"Sharp No.7" by Gonzales

All of the galleries have their own unveiling's. Each is scheduled for a different time so we don't overlap. This allows for each gallery to get maximum exposure. We are unveiling Frank at 3:30 on Saturday the 5th, with a reception at 6:00.

We have all of his work up already so I am going to unveil Frank himself. He doesn't know this yet. I am going to set him in the front corner window with a sheet over he and an easel. I will make a few opening comments and then, pull the sheet off. TaDa! At least I'll get a kick out it.

The "Cat in the Hat" is going to be at our gallery all weekend as well. This year is the 50th Anniversary of the "Cat in the Hat" and the "Grinch". Very cool.

On Sunday at 11:30 we will be having a Brunch reception. Mimosas, a few bite sized brunch things. There will be much drinking this weekend. We started last night.

Shows are a huge pain in the butt. Galleries spend hundreds if not thousands of dollars to prepare for a day or two of activity. Then a couple days to clean up after and then re-hang everything again. Almost always, they're a loss. The clients and gallery leaches love it. It's a cultural date full of free food and drinks. Sadly it is a necessary evil.

I will post more photos of the weekend in the next few days. Anyone in the coastal Oregon area is welcome to stop in.

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Heather Anne said...

That is super cool that you are having "The Cat in the Hat." I bought my 50th Anniversary Edition of the Grinch earlier this year!