10 May 2007

The Dingbats Are Out In Force...

I am going to have to start a new series for the quotes/questions of the day.

Todays question brought to you by Bellevue Mental Hospital, which has apparently opened their doors and said, "Who wants to go to Cannon Beach today?"

Everyone must have said Yes.

Here it is...

"Wow these are fantastic. Were they really done by Dr. Seuss?"

"Yes they were. He did some remarkable work that was just for him...blah blah blah..."

"So it was THE Dr. Seuss? The same Seuss that wrote the books?"

"The very same Seuss. He was a painter in his spare time. Just what he did for fun."

"That's amazing. So did you paint these?

/A long silence with a blank stare..."Excuse me?"

"The Dr. Seuss works, did you paint them?"

/Still staring at her in disbelief. "No, Dr. Seuss painted them."

"So he was a real person?"

/Still staring, only now my mouth is hanging open, wishing I could shoot lighting from my eyes.

I would now like to thank the tele-marketer who called and ended this conversation. I never thought I would say that in a million years.

I don't expect people to all be geniuses, but come on.


eclectic said...

So... did Dr. Seuss write this??


Mad William said...


...on the floor...thanks I need that.
Too funny.

Yes he did! Just in case you all didn't know...I am Dr Seuss.
I'm 103 years old and been dead for 16 years. Other than that I feel pretty good.

Sizzle said...

i can't believe people! you certainly get the dittsiest of the dittsies!

Iron Fist said...

Should you ever become flustered enough with the dingbats you have to put up with to actually shoot lightning from your eyes, please contact me, I will gladly hire you to shoot eye-lightning at any of the enormous number of slow-witted people I deal with on a daily basis.

Kelly said...

I just about swallowed my tongue when I read the question "Who wants to go to Cannon Beach today?" because I DO! I'm a former Oregonian stuck here in the south.

Okay, AND, the person you talked to must be related to the clerk at the bookstore who, when I asked her if they had Jane Eyre, said, "I dunno. What did she write?" Big sigh.