06 May 2007

Spring Unveiling...Part Two

The city of Cannon Beach is as busy as I have seen it in the year we have been here. People are every where. Sadly, most of them are gallery leaches, but it is kind of fun to see the crowds.

This week also happens to be the gallery's one year anniversary. It was a big deal for me. I was not sure if it would make it this long. Being in a tourist dependent area is a hard road for an art gallery. The "selling season" is short. The slow season is long. It can be very tense at times.

So far this weekend has had much less business that we had hoped.

My favorite quote so far, is from a man that was speaking to Precious. He told her that he had never given art a second thought until he saw one of my paintings. She came and got me so he could meet me. He starts off be saying, "I want you to know that I really admire your work. I have just fallen in love with this painting right here. Not enough to buy it but its really nice."

He caught me off guard. I wasn't sure how to respond to that. "I love it but not enough..."
I just said thanks, enjoy your visit.

I was thinking to myself that I should tell him just how much that means to me. Come the first of the month I will go to my landlord and tell him how much you love my work, but not enough. So, because I really like the land lord I'm not going to pay rent because even though I like him, it's not enough.

I'm sure the man meant it to be a compliment, and it is very nice to hear that your work has moved someone.

It sure beats the comment I just got a little while ago.

"Who does these Seascapes?"

"Why, I do. Can I tell you about them or answer questions?" I ask.

"I hate Seascapes!"

Thank you for sharing that"

I just turned and walked away. She was still muttering to herself about how much she hated them.

Oh, people are so funny!


Sizzle said...

people ARE funny. sometimes not in the way i'd like. :)

Dave2 said...

Sadly, I find people to be funny-stupid more than funny-haha anymore. :-(